How One Woman Lost 175 Pounds and Inspires Hundreds of Thousands on Instagram - Keto Delicious Diet


How One Woman Lost 175 Pounds and Inspires Hundreds of Thousands on Instagram

How One Woman Lost 175 Pounds and Inspires Hundreds of Thousands on Instagram
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If you have ever heard the name “Christine Carter” before, it was probably associated with a weight loss success story. Christine shed a whopping 175 pounds in 16 months, combining weight loss surgery and implementing the Keto diet as part of her everyday lifestyle.

At age 28, Carter was carrying 275 pounds on her petite 5 foot 5 inch frame. In addition, she was fostering a food addiction, low self esteem, taking ten medications to manage her unhealthy lifestyle and felt terrible—both physically and mentally. Her rock bottom moment came at a family reunion when her favorite uncle didn’t even recognize her because of her excessive weight gain.

Discouraged by countless attempts to lose weight with traditional diet and exercise and fearful for her health, she opted for gastric sleeve surgery.

Within months of the surgery, where doctors removed 70 percent of Carter’s stomach, she lost 60 pounds. Unfortunately Carter continued with her unhealthy eating habits and the weight slowly began to return. “I started gaining the weight back, like many weight loss surgery patients do,” Carter told The Daily Mail in an interview. “The weight loss surgery is only a tool. I had a wake-up call when I realized I was going to be a weight-loss surgery failure. Not even this extreme measure could save me.”

Carter enlisted the help of of a nutritionist/trainer at her local gym, Hero Training Center. He helped her realize that it wasn’t just her weight that needed to change; it was her attitude towards food and eating. “It took me a long time to admit I was addicted to food,” she said in an Instagram post. “We’re conditioned to fear the ‘A’ word.

Once Carter realized that her food addiction was the root of her weight problems and general struggle to stay healthy, she began implementing small changes toward a healthier lifestyle. She started cutting unnecessary carbs, sugar, and fats from her diet while adding in more and more physical activity like cardio and weight training. Before she knew it, she was living a healthier life overall. “I didn't miss a single workout and I didn't have a single cheat meal, and I lost another 90 pounds.” Carter told Today.

After spending over a year working on her health, Carter underwent a tummy tuck and got breast implants to complete her transformation. Since then, she’s proudly shown off her stretch marks and discussed the benefits of opting for surgery during her weight-loss journey. 

“I LIKE my tummy tuck scar,” Carter said. She says that she’s truly learned to embrace what her body looks like now, even if it’s not perfect. She’s used her scars and story to inspire other women (and men) to do the same.

Today, Carter follows a strict ketogenic diet to maintain her 175 pound weight loss. She has massed a huge following on her Instagram account (@weightlosshero) where it is her full-time job helping women (and men) live a similar lifestyle with her diet and exercise plan. Also on her IG page, not only will you find a page full of positivity and encouragement — you'll also find helpful tips on weight loss, workouts, grocery shopping finds for keto-friendly foods, weight loss success stories from people that follow her program and more in hopes of motivating and encouraging others to get healthy too.

Check out some sample meals from Christine’s custom meal plan:

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